Andrew Webb

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Classic Space in Blocks Magazine

in 2022 I was commissioned by Blocks Magazine as part of the LEGO Group's 90th year celebrations to write a 2000 word article on the enduring legacy of Classic Space, and to coincide with the launch of 10497. 

LEGO Sutton Hoo Helmet

In January 2021 I made a life-size, wearable Sutton Hoo helmet and submitted to LEGO Ideas. It was timed, in part, too coincided with Netflix's movie, The Dig

The project got international national media coverage in top tier news organisations like The Telegraph and the BBC, as well as many more regional publications, local radio and specialist history journals.

Despite securing over 1000 supports the project ran out of time. I have not donated the build to National Trust at Sutton Hoo to use in the education rooms. It brings the story of this amazing place to light in a medium children instantly understand. 

Classic Space remake

Christmas 2022 saw saw 10267 GingerBread House get the classic space treatment, earning replies from Matthew Ashton and The LEGO Group. 

Heartlake Explorer

In 2020 I begin to remake Classic Space sets with a new colour palatte and modern pieces, while still staying true to the classic design. So far I've remade 928 Galaxy Explorer, 6929 Starfleet Voyager, and 6930 Supply Base.